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Since our beginning in Switzerland in 2007, AsiaLink helps our customers to expend their business internationally and get reliable connection with local partners in Asia. Building the business link with Asia countries for over 15 years, we are leader in many aeras thanks to our network for local business and our knowledge of local regulations. 

Since 2022, due to demands from our customers, we have held fast to our vision of a world where climate action is embedded into corporate activity.

We believe that the path to sustainability should be straightforward for businesses—and just as easy for consumers to navigate.



Our strategy for marketing products in Asia or Europe encompasses the entire process of bringing products to market. A central aspect is the product design and the message to be conveyed. Weighing up a market opportunity in the market requires an understanding of local and of the local customer needs and desires, the competitive environment and the nature of the market. Cost, time, and quality are the most important variables that determine customer needs. 

Our successful product launches speak for themselves.



To achieve sustainable global business development business people often need to find ways to adapt to the cultures and societies in which they operate and conduct business. Our network of qualified business development professionals for business development provide the necessary legal financial and cultural bridges between supplier and consumer. 

We are your sparring partner to avoid mistakes.

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Our main task as marketing experts is to understand the market from the perspective of the local customer. The task of marketing is to align the company to focus on the segments or customer groups and channels, in which the company can profitably compete. The sales team's job is to "sell what's in stock." Sales builds relationships with customers and/or channel partners. 

Our strength:
We know the differences between East and West for

over 20 years.

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Our team

International. Professional. Passion.

With our large network in Asia we developed  in many business areas, supporting our client in their sustainable business transformation and international business development.

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