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Cookstove – Solar Thermal / Heat

Over one year into the conflict, the overall security situation in Northern Ethiopia remains complex and fluid. In the baseline situation, most families in the area cook with traditional cookstoves that consume large amounts of firewood.

Panneau solaire

Afforestation / Reforestation

Afforestation / Reforestation will help sequester CO2 while bringing back a suitable habitat for animals and plants to survive and enhance biodiversity. The carbon financing would enable the employment and the hiring of local farmers.

Randonnée dans la forêt

Animal Waste Management

The implementation of this project will avoid the emission of methane. The manure and wastewater from the animal farm will be collected into the anaerobic digesters, then biogas generated from the anaerobic treatment process will be captured. The biogas will be used in biogas boilers for heat production.

Fille tenant un agneau
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